"We love the challenges, we love the thrill of designing solutions and we always strive to hear wow from our clients. We are the experts of what we do and its shows."

Welcome to NisVan HR, a dedicated team of recruitment specialists, we are committed to provide standardised world class services in one of the most critical vertical in any industry i.e. recruitment. Whether you are considering for a career opportunity or you are looking to hire for your company, with our flexible working model we explore maximum possibilities to ensure your success.

In today's world, the business has become really tough due to competitiveness and fluctuating environment. In order to compete and deal with dynamic environment today, organisations must have access to highly skilled and high performing talent available in the market.

We provide recruitment support to organisations to find out the right talent for them and also integrating best practices with resource planning, which gives access to our clients to the best talent for the permanent & strategic roles.

Our specialisation lies with deep industry knowledge and acumen complemented by a national talent pool. Our consultants pride themselves on the years of experience & knowledge in their specific specialism as experts making the right connection between needs, skills & roles.



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